G.O. Global builds partnerships that help to expedite the success of programs and initiatives that serve youth in the areas of health, fitness, and wellness. We work collaboratively to enhance the success of established programs and to build new initiatives based on emerging needs.

Our current partners include:

G.O. Global also seeks to partner with schools, universities, public and private institutions, and other organizations interested in increasing capacity for addressing youth-centered issues related to health, fitness, and wellness.


The Sanneh Foundation’s goal is to work in partnership with schools and communities utilizing soccer as a tool to cultivate leadership, fight racism, serve the community, and prepare youth for success. We cultivate leadership through after school leadership and mentoring programs offered on-site in urban schools. We fight racism by recruiting and supporting youth from immigrant communities in urban and suburban soccer clubs and providing diversity training for players, parents, and coaches.  We serve the community by providing opportunities for youth to do community service and distributing soccer gear and equipment to underserved communities nationwide.   We prepare youth for success by offering in-school and after school tutoring and academic support, and encouraging student athletes to pursue – and preparing them for – college.