OUR MISSIONG.O. Global is a non-profit organization that empowers young people through the promotion of health, fitness, and wellness in their daily lives. We achieve this by cultivating environments that reinforce healthy behaviors, goal-oriented thinking, and positive self-worth among disadvantaged and under-served youth. We are committed to creating, supporting, and sponsoring initiatives that promote total (i.e. nutrition, physical fitness, mental health, etc) individual and social wellness at an early age in order to successfully prepare younger generations for the global demands of the future.

OUR ACTION FRAMEWORKG.O. Global fosters opportunities for adolescents and teens to practice healthy lifestyle habits, participate in structured physical activity, receive mentorship, and improve their social wellness. We achieve this by ensuring that our activities encompass the following five elements:

  1. Concern: Address under-served and unmet needs
  2. Creativity: Take an innovative approach that adds value to the programs, initiatives and/or events we engage in
  3. Community: Promote and impart a sense of social wellness to those impacted by our efforts
  4. Collaboration: Seek out and work closely with others who share similar goals and interests
  5. Continuity: Implement multiple approaches to logistically and financially sustain our efforts5star diagram

The choices we make throughout our lives are the building blocks of our character and will ultimately influence the person we become. Each of us must recognize and protect our individual potential, so that nothing stops us from becoming the best version of ourselves.
– Oguchi Onyewu